Yahoo Travel Picks Big Bend Scenic Loop and River Road as Number One Secret Road Trip for America

The US has many iconic road trips. You could even say that the US invented the road trip as a form of vacation.

Which makes sense, considering the country is known to have some of the best scenic driving routes anywhere on Earth. From the Pacific Coast Highway through California, to Route 66 running from Chicago to Santa Monica, these drives have become part of many a bucket list.

This year, AAA revealed that one-in-four American’s embark on a road trip each year. But rather than follow the crowd, there are plenty of incredible routes, both short and long, that are further off the beaten path.

Yahoo Travel investigated some spectacular road trip routes that you may not have known existed:

1. Big Bend Scenic Loop —Tex. 

10 Best Secret US Road Trips

Scenic road FM 170 along the Rio Grande River in Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas. (Photo: Blaine Harrington III / Alamy)

This spectacular 250-mile route through Western Texas skims the Mexico border and the path of the Rio Grande. The route, from Presidio to the Rio Grande Village, carves its way through the Big Bend Ranch State Park — a rugged desert wilderness area bigger than Rhode Island. With over 300 different species of bird living in the park, it is a haven for birdwatchers. Or for those seeking a more exhilarating experience the park is packed with outdoor activities, from rafting, horse riding and 4×4 tours, to canoeing mountain biking and fishing.

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