Where’s Fort Stockton?

In general terms, PECOS/FORT STOCKTON (county/seat) is in southwest Texas, which includes western south Texas, southern and northern west Texas, and (southern, mid and parts of northern) west central Texas.

The metropolitan area closest to PECOS/FORT STOCKTON is ECTOR/ODESSA, which is 72 miles north-northeast. It is in northern west central Texas near what is both the southeast corner of New Mexico and southwest corner of the Texas panhandle.

FORT STOCKTON is located in west Texas, the west wing of Texas. It is innorthern west Texas and is the eastern gateway, on Interstate 10 (I-10), to the region known as West Texas.

Specifically, PECOS/FORT STOCKTON is in the eastern Trans-Pecos (as the ecoregion* just west of the Pecos River is sometimes named) along withREEVES/PECOS (town) and with TERRELL/SANDERSON, which is in southern west Texas.

SANDERSON and FORT STOCKTON are near the 153-mile imaginary line between the southeast corner of New Mexico and the northernmost point of the Rio Grande River (Mexican border) east of the region known as Big Bend (of the Rio Grande). FORT STOCKTON is 78 miles from Mexico; SANDERSON is 18 miles from the border.

I-10 runs 327 miles through West Texas, 100 miles in Pecos County, from FORT STOCKTON, where the I-10 corridor bisects that gap (described above) between New Mexico and Mexico, to near EL PASO/EL PASO in the wingtip where the boundaries of Texas, New Mexico and Mexico meet. That region is sometimes called Far West Texas and also includes HUDSPETH/SIERRA BLANCA.

Neighboring PECOS/FORT STOCKTON are:

  • REEVES/PECOS (northern west Texas)
  • TERRELL/SANDERSON (southern west Texas)
  • JEFF DAVIS/FORT DAVIS (southern west Texas)
  • BREWSTER/ALPINE (southern west Texas)
  • WARD/MONAHANS (northern west central Texas)
  • CRANE/CRANE (mid west central Texas)
  • UPTON/RANKIN (mid west central Texas, the Upton and Pecos county lines are two miles apart)
  • CROCKETT/OZONA (southern west central Texas)

The geographic coordinates of FORT STOCKTON are 102.9°N latitude and 30.9°W longitude.

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