West Texas Factoids for Neophytes

West Texas (WTX) is a 33,800 square mile region, one-eighth of the State of Texas.

The region’s latitude is equivalent to that of the northern half of Florida, entirely south that of Tucson.

The subregions of WTX are, in order of size: (1) central WTX, (2) west Wingtip of Texas, (3) Big Bend.


WTX comprises all or part of twelve counties. Eight of those counties lie entirely within the region.

Jeff Davis County (2,265 sq mi, Fort Davis county seat) is the only WTX county entirely within central WTX. El Paso County (1,013 sq mi, El Paso) is the only WTX county entirely outside of central WTX.

The Wingtip comprises all or part of seven counties. Counties with all or most of their area in the Wingtip are El Paso, Hudspeth (4,571 sq mi, Sierra Blanca),Culberson (3,813 sq mi, Van Horn) and Loving (669 sq mi, Mentone).

Far West Texas, a sub-subregion of the Wingtip, comprises most of Hudspeth County and all of El Paso County.

The Big Bend subregion comprises the southernmost parts of Presidio (3,855 sq mi, Marfa) and Brewster (6,184 sq mi, Alpine) counties. Big Bend National Park is in Brewster County. Big Bend Ranch State Park is in Presidio County and in southwesternmost Brewster County. Brewster County, the largest county in the State of Texas, makes up 18 percent of WTX. It is the 39th largest of the over 3,000 counties in the U.S.

Loving County (Mentone) is the smallest county in WTX and makes up two percent of the region. Ward County (836 sq mi, Monahans) is second smallest, barely smaller than Winkler County (841 sq mi, Kermit).

In WTX there are 10 tri-county points; that is, points shared by three counties. Four of the 10 tri-county points are shared by sets of counties that are themselves entirely within WTX. Centrally located Jeff Davis County shares all four of those points. The most well known tri-county area comprises Brewster, Presidio and Fort Davis counties.

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