Trump’s Wall Not Wanted by Border Residents

Donald Trump repeated his promise to Americans at the Republican national convention last week that he’ll erect a giant wall between the US and Mexico if elected president. The barrier, a centerpiece of the GOP presidential nominee’s campaign, is meant to block the many ills he says are freely flowing from Mexico into the US, including drugs, gangs, and illegal immigrants.

As it turns out, the majority of Americans living next to dividing line between the two countries—the people who would most benefit from the wall under Trump’s logic—say they don’t need it, according to a new poll conducted by Univision, the Dallas Morning News, and Cronkite News.

The poll interviewed roughly 1,400 people living close to either side of the border. Of the half interviewed on the US side, the poll found that 65% think the wall should absolutely not be built, and another 7% said it probably shouldn’t be built. Only 14% felt very strongly that the wall should be built, while 9% thought it probably should be built. The survey, which was carried out in May, covered seven sets of “sister cities,” as communities across from each other in both countries are called.

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