Trans Pecos Pipeline Construction to Begin in March

Sections of pipe for the Trans-Pecos Pipeline have started arriving in Brewster County.
At least one trainload of pipe arrived last week at a yard northeast of Alpine on the Texas Pacifico Railroad, using the long-abandoned South Orient Rail Line.
Lisa Dillinger, spokesman for Energy Transfer Partners of Dallas, said construction on the mainline segment is scheduled to begin in early March.
“Typically, construction is done in multiple spreads rather than starting at one end or the other,” she said. “Construction on the border crossing will not start until the presidential permit is received.”
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission governs only the river crossing since the Texas Railroad Commission approved the line through Texas as an intrastate pipeline.
Commission staff last month concluded that approval of the proposed project, “with appropriate mitigating measures, would not constitute a major federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment.”
Opponents of the pipeline had tried to get the commission to regulate the entire project but it declined to do so.
Then last month, the Big Bend Conservation Alliance joined the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, a nationwide coalition, demanding that the Government Accountability Office investigate the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Details at Alpine Avalanche

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