Terlingua Chihuahua Races

The 10th annual Desert Chihuahua Races were held at the Terlingua Ghost Town on Saturday, April 27.

Dog owners and dog lovers from throughout South Brewster County and far beyond gathered for this always popular cultural event. Small dogs of all varieties were welcomed to participate in the carefully orchestrated races.

Dogs raced in two groups: Real Chihuahuas ran in one group, and dogs of mixed breed ancestry or other breeds, termed Mestizos, ran in the other. Any dog small enough to fit into the boxes at the starting line was eligible to race.

As a prelude to the actual racing, the dogs and their owners were invited to participate in the costume contest. With participants dressed in their finery, this is always a crowd-pleaser. First place in the Dog Costume Contest was won by Camillia.

Once the racing started though, the dog owners were all — or mostly or somewhat — serious, although the same cannot be said for all of the dogs.

The two groups of dogs ran in alternate heats, leading to the final race and prestigious final standings in each group.

In the Mestizo group the winners were: 3rd place, Brownie; 2nd place, Puddin; and 1st place, Patches.

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