Ten Best Places to Star Gaze in Texas

You may have heard that the stars at night are big and bright in Texas. The best places in the Lone Star State to stargaze are relatively far removed from the bright lights of the big cities. Rather than drive aimlessly down some back road, or risk getting shot for trespassing on private land, visit these 10 places that the best perfect for stargazing in Texas. Also, be sure to check Texas Parks and Wildlife to see when celestial events are forecasted.

10. Resaca de la Palma State Park

Flickr/Me and the Sysop
Flickr/Me and the Sysop

Located down south near Brownsville, Resaca de la Palma State Park is an ideal place for stargazing. The nearby Nompuewenu Observatory hosts occasional “Astronomy in the Park” events that are educational and fun for the whole family. This south Texas state park is also an incredible place to go bird watching, due to the many species of birds that reside in the park.

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