Run on Gas Pumps in West Texas

By Sasha von Oldershausen (Also above photo credit)

PRESIDIO, Texas — On Tuesday afternoon, dozens of cars, many with Mexican license plates, spilled out from the Exxon gas station onto the shoulder of the road as drivers waited in the sun to fill up on gas before returning home.

They’re not crossing the border to save a few bucks at the pump, but because frontier towns like Presidio are the only places where the Mexicans from Chihuahua can buy gas in recent days.

A mysterious gas shortage in the Mexican border state, home to some 4.8 million people, is pushing many Chihuahuenses to make the tedious cross-border journey into Texas to fill their tanks.

A line of vehicles snakes across Presidio waiting for their turn to fill up the tank at the gas station

But Presidio, a town of 6,000 people and just three gas stations, wasn’t prepared to receive the long line of empty-tanked vehicles snaking up from Mexico.

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