Presidio Community Park Proceeding Apace

The laying of the first foundation stone of the Presidio community park project took place on Wednesday, May 6. Special guests and the authorities responsible for the new park kicked off the event around 10am, with Liz Rohana from the Family Crisis Center of the Big Bend and project participant in charge of directing the ceremony opening. Starting with famous quotations, she mentioned everyone who made the project a reality by thanking the PISD Police Department, the Presidio Independent School District, the Family Crisis Centre, the United States-Mexico Border Health Commission, the Binational Coalition for a Healthy Tomorrow, the Department of State Health Services of Texas, the Office of Border Health, Jorge Avena, Cipriano Bueno, Denise Green, students in the class of Hospitality and Tourism and the STEP Student Group under the directorship of Ana Martinez.

“Presidio fights to improve its environmental performance by creating new green areas, as this border is experiencing a growth in population. Our authorities hope that these new gardens will unify our community,” Rohana said. Making use of the word, Joel Núñez, Head of the PISD Police, emphasized the importance of creating a drug-free environment.

“This project would not have become a reality without the help of my team or the community, since working with students is a bridge which forms that communication. This way we will have our schools free from addictions, without violence. That is why it is so important to work with them and not forget that it is a community project for the community,” added Nunez during his speech.

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