Presidio Begins Land Annexation Process

The Presidio City Council has started the organizational phase for a proposed land annexation. Roger Carlisle of CSM Carlisle and Associates walked the council members through all the information at a city meeting last week, including field notes and maps, which they will need to know for the process.

City council members Dimitri Garcia and Isela Nuñez joked after the presentation that they have a lot of homework to do after they looked through the material.

Before any official decision can be made, the city needs to hold two public hearings for community input, which are scheduled at 6:30pm Thursday, July 9, and Thursday, July 23, in the city council chamber at the Presidio Activity Center.

The idea to annex and expand the city limits in Presidio was first brought up in March as a way to bring in more tax revenue. According to City Administrator Marco Baeza, the proposed areas are already receiving city services, but aren’t paying city taxes. That would change with the annexation.

The proposed area covers 1,180 acres, including Pueblo Nuevo, the current and former wastewater treatment plants, the back-up battery plant near Franco Middle School and the water wells. This will be the largest annexation Carlisle will handle.

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