Pipeline Company Continues Filing Suits to Claim Property

Nine new petitions of condemnation in Presidio County and three in Brewster County have been filed by Trans-Pecos Pipeline against local landowners since the Big Bend Sentinel/Presidio International’s last report on February 25.

Defendants in the Presidio County suits are Bar Triangle, Dorothy Holland Stillwell, Wyck Livingston, John P. Boerschig, Farm Credit Bank of Texas, The Mitchell Family Trust, William Kerr Mitchell Jr., Spriggs Engineering and Construction, and the Bryant Family Trust.

One suit in the county names Rio Grande Mining Co., Orion Mine (Master) Finance Fund, Terracon Consultants, Inc., Wyck Livingston, Presidio County, the Big Bend Regional Hospital District, and Presidio ISD.

The taxing entities named as defendants, Presidio County Attorney John Fowlkes said, is likely land foreclosed upon by the entities, in which small tracts of land were transferred into the ownership of the political subdivisions.

In those cases, Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara, Folkes said, will appoint a special commission to handle the suits, explaining that there are legal procedures the county, school district, and hospital district must follow.

Of all the suits filed by the company, only one has challenged the petition thus far.

Stillwell, who stands to lose 0.34 linear miles of land in the litigation, has filed a general denial motion in court.

The filing states: “Defendant denies each and every allegation of plaintiff’s original statement and petition in condemnation, and demands strict proof thereof as required by the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.”

The general denial filing also requests that the defendant be awarded court costs, attorney fee, and “such other and further relief defendant may be entitled to in law or in equity.”

Stillwell’s attorney, Alan Carmichael of Sweetwater, Texas, could not be reached for comment as of press time.

Full Story at Big Bend Sentinel

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