On the Border, Off the Grid

When 34-year-old Abe Connally left his cushy job at a Texas web designer company, it wasn’t because he got a better job or to spend more time with his family. He left to try his hand at living a rural live in the middle of a desert.

Connally is not alone, though. He’s part of a community in Terlingua, Texas that live their lives “off-the-grid” – living off of the Earth’s natural resources to provide them with daily conveniences like electricity and heat, Yahoo! Finance reported Wednesday.

Connally, who has been living off-the-grid since 2002, was fascinated by being able to live off the land.

“I’ve always enjoyed rural life, and the thought of sustainability and home-scale energy production intrigued me,” Connally told Yahoo! Finance. “On top of that, I wanted to see how integrating systems to reduce waste improve efficiency would affect the architecture and other components of this lifestyle.”

Terlingua, located in the Chihuahuan desert of the Big Bend National Park, used to be a prosperous mining town. Now it’s practically deserted, a perfect place for an isolated life. Within a year of moving to Terlingua Connally met his wife, Josie. Instead of looking for a home to buy, they built one together.

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