Multi-Agency Effort Secures Big Bend National Park

BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK – The Big Bend National Park has miles and miles of rugged terrain. NewsWest 9 shows you how a unique multi-agency collaboration inside the park is keeping the border there safe.

“People might think that because it’s such a vast area that it would be easier to enter and it’s not. You’ve got many, many miles to cover and not much water out here,” said Supervisory Border Patrol Agent, Tom Hyatt.

Covering 118 miles of rugged, remote terrain in the Big Bend National Park is Border Patrol Big Bend Sector and the National Parks Service responsibility.

Border Patrol agents hunt for any sign of illegal entry into the U.S. Some riding horseback 15-plus miles through the mountains.

“There’s places these horses can go that you can’t get to in your regular 4×4 vehicle or ATV and they’re a force multiplier in that aspect,” said Hyatt.

The mustangs are special. They are adopted from the wild out of the Nevada desert and Colorado.

“They’re taken out of the wild and saddle broke. The Border Patrol has a contract to go and pick up a certain number of horses every year, depending on the budget. Then those horses are used exclusively in the field,” said Hyatt.

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