La Kiva to Open for Viva Terlingua Festival

Visitors in town for an August music festival may get a sneak peak of La Kiva before it closes again for remodeling.

New owners John and Josie Holroyd plan to open the popular watering hole for the Viva Terlingua festival Aug. 20 through 23. Then they will close it again until the rebuilding is complete.

La Kiva has been closed since owner Glenn Felts’ death in February 2014.

The Holroyds of Houlton, Wisconsin, moved here in August 2014 and soon bought the abandoned bar. They have since added some modern conveniences while trying to keep the atmosphere the bar was known for.

“The roof was about falling in and the floor has been completely redone,” John Holroyd said. “Two walls were falling down and we pushed another and it did fall down.”

The old façade as seen from the street has been covered with new construction, including new restrooms, a larger kitchen and new entryway with a tunnel leading to the original entrance.

“La Kiva is not the same,” Holroyd said. “It never could be.

“Glenn is not there any more and Glenn was a huge part of what La Kiva was all about,” he said. “The ambiance was amazing.

“The extensive rebuilding has been done using the original rock,” Holroyd said.

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