Is There a Border Industrial Complex?

Border walls are the instruments of last resort in the armory of geopolitics. Their current proliferation on a global scale is an expression of failed diplomacy in response to conflict, persecution, and migration.

The Wall between Mexico and the US is now deeply ensconced in the consciousness of communities on both sides of the international boundary line. In the fortifications’ shadows lie the armies of law enforcement, equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and advanced surveillance technologies. Behind them lurk an archipelago of detention, prosecution, and deportation facilities, all part of a justice system pressed into service for the “Border Industrial Complex” (BIC).

The facts about the fortification of the US-Mexico border are well-documented. The BIC is less well-known, but as pressures increase for even stronger border control measures, all citizens should be alert to the dangers posed by the unchecked growth of the BIC juggernaut.

Full Story at Huffington Post

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