Former Congressman’s Thoughts While Motorcycling Through Presidio

Today will be my last day with the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America as I will head back to Dallas once we reach San Antonio. The riders will continue on to their final destination, Biloxi, Mississippi, as they continue to raise funds for Victory Junction children’s camp, a worthy and noble cause. I know right now everyone is focused on Indiana, but my Monday ride puts things in focus and I wish every candidate could have had the experience.

We departed from El Paso early Monday morning and it was doggone chilly, 49 degrees, according to my motorcycle “heads up” display. We got to Van Horn for a gas stop — actually more about getting blood flowing — before we headed south towards Marfa. There’s something about being on the open road on a motorcycle in America that puts you in touch with this nation and the people.

Monday, I was once again reminded that America is not New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, or any of the other large metroplexes. America is Van Horn or Marfa where we ate lunch on the town square. America is about seeing the beautiful terrain so diverse, yet ordered and perfect in every way.


America is about stopping in Presidio, Texas, a port of entry into the United States from Mexico, and visiting with the school kids who came out to wish us well. It’s about looking into the eyes of a young elementary school kid, a young fella, and giving him your riding gloves and watching his face beam with joy, as you sit him on your motorcycle and his teacher takes a picture.

You see, it’s about what we do for those we don’t consider the greatest amongst us, yet they are the greatest. Presidio, Texas is such a remote place, as well as Marfa, but those folks came out in droves to welcome us as we stopped in their towns. They may not have had all that much to give, but what they did give was much.

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