Food Bank Helps Presidio’s Needy

Last Friday, the West Texas Food bank made its monthly run to Presidio, where the organization delivered food to about 380 households, according to Linda Hinojos, the social services coordinator for the organization.

Each household received a box containing around 50 pounds of food items – staples that included rice, beans and pasta – as well as a supplementary bag of pastries and sweets. The food pantry made deliveries behind the Presidio Fire Station starting at 6am.

“We’re servicing a lot of the elderly,” said Hinojos, who added that there is a great need in the city of Presidio.

In fact, Presidio represents the largest drop-off of food at one time across the entire food bank, according to the organization’s director of programs, Homer Gutierrez.

Each monthly distribution amounts to between 20,000 to 25,000 pounds of food.


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