DPS Hiring for Border Posts

The Texas Legislature in 2015 authorized 250 trooper positions to be permanently stationed along the Texas-Mexico border region, and Jan. 27 is the deadline to apply to be a member of the Texas State Trooper recruit class of 2016.

“The men and women who graduate from the DPS Training Academy will join an elite and reputable crime-fighting force that has answered the call to serve and protect the great state of Texas for nearly 200 years,” Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McGraw said Wednesday in a news release. “DPS carries the enormous responsibility of protecting Texas from a wide range of public safety threats, and we are seeking a diverse group of first-rate recruits.”

Texas Highway Patrol troopers can be promoted within the highway patrol or to other divisions, such as the Texas Rangers, Criminal Investigations, SWAT, Tactical Marine Unit or Aircraft Operations.

DPS has 13 divisions with highly trained personnel, “many of whom use cutting edge technology and equipment to identify, disrupt and deter crime as well as dismantle dangerous organizations such as Mexican cartels, their gang counterparts and other criminal threats,” the news release said.

Starting pay for a 50-hour workweek is $55,481 a year.


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