Dental Clinic Coming to Presidio

by Cameron Dodd

The Texas Dental Association is looking to bring affordable, quality dentistry to Presidio.

Through a collaborative effort with the Family Health Services of West Texas, the TDA is hoping to staff a dental clinic next year and have it open by 2018.

The TDA and FHS have collaborated on a dental clinic Alpine that is nearing completion with a building ready and equipment purchased. The two organizations will next focus on building a community dental clinic in Presidio, according Dr. Adrian Billings of FHS.

The location of the clinic will likely be behind the current FHS Presidio Clinic. Funding for construction and equipment for the Presidio and Alpine clinics came through a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services continuous grant.

Presidio currently lacks any dental clinics, and residents frequently travel to other Texas and U.S. cities or just across the border to Ojinaga, Mexico, for dental care. The TDA dental clinic will make it easier for residents to access dental care and to pay for it using Medicaid, Billings said. As a community clinic, it will have a mandate to accept indigent patients and work on a sliding payment scale.

TDA officials leading the program to establish a dental clinic in Presidio are hoping the access to preventative dental care will help reduce the need for emergency dental procedures.

Details at Big Bend Sentinal

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