Conference to Look at Border’s Future

Rolando Pablos, Guest columnist

“Bring a valid passport.” It is not every conference that reminds all guests to make sure they pack their passport, but the U.S.-Mexico Border Summit is not just any conference.

The summit, which will be hosted in El Paso and Juárez Aug. 3-6, is both regional and international.

Bringing together participants from our binational, tri-state North American Borderplex as well as business and government leaders from other communities along the U.S.-Mexico border, it creates an opportunity for attendees to engage in a timely, candid conversation about the challenges and opportunities along the border and to discover opportunities for collaboration.

Structured around the theme #OneBorder, this year’s summit recognizes and builds on recent efforts by The Borderplex Alliance and leaders from other border regions, to create a broad coalition to speak with one voice about issues affecting the U.S.-Mexico border. The coalition knows that with a united voice, we can better leverage regional expertise to influence policy debates on both sides of the border.

Conference attendees will have a chance to learn more about the #OneBorder efforts and take part in helping its agenda take shape. With speakers at the summit representing business, government, and community leaders from the CaliBaja Binational Mega-Region (which spans the California/Baja California border); Arizona; New Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, we know this summit will help to further #OneBorder’s collaborative efforts and grow its partnership opportunities.

Discussion sessions will cover a range of topics including balancing trade and security at the border, advancing innovation and entrepreneurship, developing a region or border-wide manufacturing supply chain, improving the quality of life in communities along the border, and managing life on the border in an election year.

With such timely topics driving the discourse, the summit is likely to spur creative and innovative ways we can all come together to tackle shared challenges and expand our potential.

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