Busting Breitbart’s Ass on the Border

The Internet tends to be exactly like the people who use it: entertaining, informative, and stupider than anyone might have imagined. The latest example of ignorance comes from Breitbart, Texas, whose managing editor Brandon Darby traveled along the Rio Grande to inform us Mexico is on the other side of the river.

Darby starts his idiotic odyssey near Fort Hancock, just east of El Paso on the river. In a series of videos he entitles, “How and Why ISIS Will Use Texas to Enter the U.S. If They Choose to Cross the Border,” Darby is disturbed to learn that the border fence does not run the full length of the frontier, and that it has some rust!!! He has discovered one of the locations where it ends, just east of Fort Hancock, and he wants us to know that ISIS could cross there. In fact, he breathlessly informs us that Osama bin Laden could have crossed there and gotten to Interstate 10, which is two miles away across the desert.

Osama didn’t, though, he got a couple of taps to the head by U.S. Navy seals before he could dream of escaping to remote stretches of the Rio Grande in Mexico and Texas. Of course, if Osama had made it to I-10, he would have had a hard time getting a ride. People are blasting through at eighty miles per hour, and, even if he got a lift from a friendly trucker, the checkpoint outside of Sierra Blanca would have spelled trouble for Osama. He looked too much like Willie Nelson and those agents at the I-10 checkpoint are always popping guys with beards and bands.

Meanwhile, back at the river, Brandon Darby is concerned he has been there in the middle of nowhere and the Border Patrol has not arrived to ask him questions. Maybe he cannot get over his amazement there is a highway not too distant. This is only exceeded by his astonishment that Mexico is just the other side of the river. And because he put it in his video, now stupid ISIS!!! knows the location, too. (Of course, they might be smart enough to know, unlike Brandon, that there are hundreds of miles of gaps in the border fence because we do lots of international commerce with Mexico, the U.S.’ largest trading partner.)

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