Borderlands Research Institute Featured on Discovery Channel

Their collaborative efforts relocating desert bighorn sheep are part of the show, which premiered in November but is being rebroadcast on the channel.

The Biscuit Factory of Falls Church, Virginia, produced the documentary. Rob Lyall, director of photography, and freelance producer Isham Randolph filmed portions of a December 2012 desert bighorn capture at Elephant Mountain Wildlife Management Area in south Brewster County.

During the aerial capture, 44 desert bighorn were taken from the Elephant Mountain WMA and relocated to the Nine Point Mesa, about 30 miles away. The goal of the ongoing project, under the direction of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, is to restore the desert bighorn population to 3,000 animals throughout eight mountain ranges in West Texas.

The program documents this project, along with other collaborative conservation efforts that extend to bi-national cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico in native species restoration.

“It’s (documentary) about bi-national conservation efforts in the Chihuahuan Desert region and this (bighorn) translocation is one part,” said Randolph, speaking with Sul Ross News and Publications representative Steve Lang in 2012. Randolph’s credits include producing series for The National Geographic Explorer.

“This story embodies that reintroduction of this iconic species,” Randolph said. “It may be a model for relocation to private lands.”

Randolph emphasized the collaboration of state agencies like Texas Parks and Wildlife, university research, private landowners and nonprofit organizations like the Texas Bighorn Society, as integral to the project’s success.

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