Border Communities Protest Stereotyping in New Film

The new film Sicario starring Emily Blunt and Benecio Del Toro features FBI agents in the borderland taking on the escalating drug war. While it’s gotten great reviews, some politicians and communities on both side of the border are protesting the way the film portrays the region The mayor of Juarez has reportedly even called for a boycott of the film.

More than 50 residents of El Paso recently went to a special viewing of the movieSicario – to mixed reviews.

“You had some people that thought the movie was done well in terms of it being exciting, but thought it was a really bad portrayal of Juarez, or that it was a damaging portrayal,” says Peter Svarzbein.  The freshman city council member organized the viewing and panel discussion. He’s got a background in film and media.

“I thought this was an opportunity to not bash Hollywood or anything like that,” says Svarzbein, “but to look critically at the kind of portrayals that keep popping up when it talks to the U.S.-Mexico border.”

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