A Pharmacy for Presidio

Mario Juarez, the owner of City Drug of Alpine, recalls spending his childhood summers with his grandparents in Presidio.

“Back then, there was no pharmacy and we had a veterinarian who was our medical doctor,” Juarez said. “If somebody needed stitches, he stitched us right up.”

The times certainly have changed since Juarez was a kid—in part thanks to Juarez himself. This fall, City Drug will open a telepharmacy at the Presidio County Health Clinic in Presidio, and provide a much-needed resource to the city’s residents.

A telepharmacy provides pharmaceutical care by way of telecommunications to patients in locations without access to a live pharmacist. Juarez said the Presidio telepharmacy will have certified technicians on staff, who will be there to input prescription information into a server connected to the Alpine pharmacy. There, an actual pharmacist can access the data and fill the prescription, while the medication is dispensed in Presidio.

“It’s a Skype-type situation,” Juarez said. “A monitor will be used so that the pharmacist can see the technician actually label the bottle. And the pharmacist will be available for consultation with patients via phone.”

Full Story at Big Bend Sentinel

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